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Installations could be seen as a frisky blend of different raw materials, drenched in design and architectural influences. My main focus is on creating clicking systems, which allow me to produce foldable, versatile and modular constructions. Although the aesthetic language, worn by these pieces, is most often derived from the industrial world; i.e. mecano design, folding cartons, a.o however its function is not.

The making of these sculptures and structures requires a dynamic process and demands continuous deliberation and decision taking. Assembling happens gradually, in a manual, not necessarily pre-ordered way.  Along with a craftsman approach I’m also drawn to the new production methods and I am influenced by the latest developments in technology. Using laser-cut technology and frequently visiting fab-labs enable me to have a broad view and be open minded towards the latest possibilities of creating an object.


Bringing together distinct production techniques in one work by combining classical and new realization processes is extremely intriguing. My creations are bivalent. They are not only an art piece, standing in a room with only one purpose: looking good.  My offspring has also a functional side, which can be deployed in many ways. 

A sculpture, or installation, should be a functioning, flexible entity in the sense that it can adapt to or recreate its own environment. The art process doesn’t stop after the “action of making art”. In fact it starts at that very point, the creative process is an everlasting phase which runs through different procedures and faces various encounters and interactions.



rtist, freelancer, all-round worker.



Adobe creative suit, Flexisign,Organising events, Painting, Sculpting, 3D crafts, Laser cutting IMAL FABLAB, Plotting, Printing, Wrapping.

Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.
School of Fine Arts (KASK), Gent.
Master Fine Arts (2014).
Exhibition “Mayday Mayday” CAMPO, 2011, Gent.
Contest and exhibition “Mark Macken”, 2012, Antwerp.
Organising art event “Stoelendans”, Croxhapox, 2012, Gent.
Group exhibition “Cumming people” (Nucleo), 2012, Gent.
Internship Bildnis, “La joie de se perdre”, 2013, Belgium.
Internship de Brakke Grond Amsterdam, 2013, NL
Group exhibition “Vanitas”, 2013, Oude
Vismijn, Artweek Gent.
Exhibition “Beyond the Object”,2014 Plagia Rama, Brussel.
Exhibition “Artex”, 2015, EPO Rijswijk, NL.
Market “Internet Yama-ichi”, 2015, Vlaams cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL.

Residence Laserbeest Lasercut, 2016, Delft, NL.

Exhibition Makers week IMAL, 2016 Brussel.

Exhibition “Perception”,2017 Plagia Rama, Brussel.
Exhibition “Onderweg”,2017 Cultuurhuis , Heist op de Berg. Pop-up, “BioBoBar”, 2018 Centre Culturel Saint-EX, Reims.

Exhibition, “Kunstsalon-Zomersalon”, 2020 Kunsthal, Gent.

Group exhibition Wandermeer, 2021, Sleidinge.

Exhibition, “Kunstsalon-Zomersalon”, 2021 Kunsthal, Gent.

Symposium BHK, Scuplta 21, 2021, KW37, Arnhem, NL.

Joined the Copper&Light cooperative,2021, BE.

Exhibition, “Peep show”, Gosset Hisk 2022, Brussel.


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